Open Road: The Adventure of a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative

What’s gone wrong in a perfectly good faith-filled, well-intentioned, settled-in congregation that’s instead become plateaued or even started into decline? Maybe like yours, or a church that you know. Perhaps it’s happened gradually as the church has become comfortable and complacent over time. Or, maybe the rapidly changing factors of our current community and world environment have resulted in us church-goers hanging on even more tightly to each other, our facility and our budget to just survive? “What’s gone wrong?” we wonder. 

A better question might be to ask, “What is missing?” The answer to that question is straightforward and nonnegotiable. In Open Road, Sue Nilson Kibbey seeks to help readers embrace and deploy the missing ingredient anew in their own personal lives and in the life of your church. 

Sue Nilson Kibbey has been a church pastor, trainer, consultant and author who has been following the Holy Spirit’s relentless leading to every part of the country. As a ministry practitioner Kibbey has been sharing with countless numbers of churches, leaders and members a set of simple, practical steps to guide their addition of this mainspring missing ingredient to church life and leadership. As the amazing stories from church after church keep rolling in, the author has also become a storyteller. Kibbey recounts the breakthroughs at churches large, small, rural, suburban, urban, historic, new, multiethnic, multicultural – all bearing witness to the endlessly creative ways God has invited them onward to actively deliver and fulfill the message and mission of Christ. 

The author’s intent is to inspire you about what is Divinely possible, provide you a practical path of steps you can take with ideas you could deploy to add this ingredient and recount a few of the many stories from your sister churches that may add to your inspiration.

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